Mardi Gras Photos

The King and Queen

From King cake to a royal procession, everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening. 

More pictures from the BLS Mardi Gras Party!!

New BLS Directory Coming Soon

member_directoryOur Annual directory will be released soon.  If your contact information has changed since last year, please click here to contact Cathy Peralta as soon as possible.

Mid-year General Association Meeting – June 4th

Mark your calendars for this mid-year meeting and please plan to attend.  Members in good standing will be admitted for free on this night.  There are two issues in on the agenda for member vote.

Proposed amendments to the BLS standing rules:

1.  The Board of Directors may cancel dances when UALR day or evening classes are canceled due to inclement wearther.

2.  The Board of Directors may make arrangements for complimentary dance lessons before each dance to include: Scheduling dance instructors and coordinating with DJs in the event of illness, vacation or other absence.

Haiti Relief Fundraiser

The central Arkansas dance community turned out on February 6th for a salsa party and fundraiser for Haiti relief at Let’s Dance Studio. The event included free beginner and intermediate lessons and a drawing for dance lessons with local instructors.

Sarah Catherine Phillips, Andy Davis, Louie Bianco and Leah Patterson donated lessons and Leah gave a stellar salsa performance.

Tim Buffenbarger donated the studio space, allowing 100 percent of the proceeds to go to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund. The event raised $790 for the fund and salsa dancers fave an additional $170 directly to relief organizations such as the Red cross and habitat for Humanity, bringing the total amoutn raised to $960.

Sarah and Andy would like to say thanks to everyone who participated in this event and made it a huge success!

Take The Spotlight

As you watched the previous seasons of Dancing with the Stars or America’s Ballroom Challenge, have you wondered what it would be like to perform a dance routine in front of an audience? No need to wonder when you can experience the thrills and excitement. Just sign-up for a Member Spotlight and claim your fame on the BLS dance floor. Please contact Steve Chapman at (501) 352-0304 if you are interested in performing for your friends at BLS.