Local Dance Instruction

David B. Alexander:  Teaches at Let’s Dance Studio.  Website:  dancewithpassion.com

Louie Bianco: Teaches private lessons in all the Ballroom Rhythms and specializes in the Argentine Tango at Studio di Latin Louie. Contact Louie at 501-868-4160 or louietango@hotmail.com

Tim Buffenbarger—Let’s Dance Studio:  Call Tim at 663-7724 for details.

Heather Conyer: teaches private lessons at Let’s Dance Studio, http://www.heatherconyer.com. Call 307-9007 or e-mail heather@heatherconyer.com

Daniel Felts: Teaches private lessons at Let’s Dance Studio, and Beginner and Advanced Group lessons in all Ballroom Styles at Children’s Hospital Fitness Center.   Call Daniel at 349-7633 or Elizabeth Sotallaro at 501-269-3739 for details.

Lisa Kirkpatrick: Group lessons at Henderson Church. Click here for dates and times.   Call Lisa at 680-7151 for details.

Wesley Crocker: Teaches all styles of ballroom dance for beginners to advanced, specializing in Theatre arts / cabaret and showcase choreography. Private instruction mon-sat. Group class (no partner Required). See Website for class schedules.  Located in the heights at 1900 n.university.  Call: 501-291-7843  E-mail: beyondballroom@yahoo.com Website: www.beyondballroom.com.

Andy Davis:  Teaches private and group lessons, specializing in Salsa and Argentine Tango.  Argentine Tango class and practica most Saturdays.  Call for places and times.  501-837-0509.  Email:  littlerocktango@gmail.com