Dress Code

BLS Dress Code

The intent of the dress code is to make BLS dances special dressy events, while providing the flexibility to dress for an evening of dancing.  Members and guests will conform to the appropriate dress standards as defined below.

(1)  STANDARD BLS DRESS CODE:  All members and guests should wear appropriate upscale attire.  Members and repeat guests should always dress with consideration to and respect for others.  While the dress code should be observed by all who attend BLS dances, first-time visitors will be welcomed regardless of their attire.  The following items are prohibited:

• Torn or dirty clothing of any kind

• Shorts of any kind

• Athletic Attire

• Tank Tops

• Baseball Caps

• Jeans

• Denim clothing

• Casual T-Shirts

• [Men] Shirts that are not tucked in  (Except Latin shirts and shirts with straight hems that are designed specifically to be worn outside the trousers.  Shirts with curved shirt-tail hems or uneven hems will be tucked in.)

• [Women] Apparel that shows bare midriffs

• Casual shoes including flip-flops, slippers, shower shoes, hiking boots, combat boots, boat shoes, or athletic shoes.  (Exceptions are made for anyone requiring casual shoes due to a medical condition and/or black dance sneakers.

(2)  BLACK TIE: When events are designated as “Black Tie”, gentlemen will wear formal tuxedos or formal dinner jackets.  Ladies will wear formal gowns.

(3)  BLACK TIE OPTIONAL:  When events are designated as “Black Tie Optional”, gentlemen normally wear formal tuxedos or formal dinner jackets, however, dark colored suits (with ties) are acceptable.  Ladies normally wear formal gowns, however, cocktail dresses or dressy “after-five” evening outfits are acceptable.

(4)  SPECIAL EVENT DRESS CODE:  Some BLS dances have special themes, which usually call for special relaxed dress codes, such as costume parties.  Dress codes for such events will be announced in advance, however, members and guests are still expected to maintain normal socially-acceptable standards.  PROHIBITED ITEMS (see above) are not considered appropriate attire unless they are part of a specific costume at an event designated as costume-party dress.