The BLS is home to many events throughout the year, from the Skeleton Ball, to the Mardi Gras Soiree, and every party we can squeeze in between. You can find all the details on our Dance Parties page, and see our Calendar for more upcoming events.

In addition to our standard dance parties and classes, extra newsworthy items sometimes come up, and you can read the details below.

Covid-19 Status

Little Rock, like the rest of the world, has been intimately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
As conditions change, and new guidance is forthcoming from relevant sources, the decision to proceed with dances will be reviewed weekly, with an eye towards reestablishing our collective passion of social dancing.

Any changes to this status will be reflected here, in our mailing list, and on our social media accounts.
We thank you for your support during this unprecedented time, as we work to maintain our payments on necessary expenses.
Contributions to the operational costs are very welcome and can be made online, or by by mail via a check payable to “CADA” at BLS Social Dance Association, PO Box 21083, Little Rock, AR 72211