“The Ballroom on Shackleford” at 1300 N Shackleford Rd, Little Rock, AR 72211 is the base of operations for the BLS, the Rock City Dance Club, and the Little Rock County Dance Association. The alliance of these three dance associations, along with generous donations, allowed the acquisition of a 10 year lease on a wonderful facility in West Little Rock. Further donations of time, talent, and materials paved the way for a complete renovation of the facility’s main space into a world class ballroom, right down to the red oak dance floor.
More paving happened outside as well, expanding the parking lot to handle all the guests that came to check out the new facility.
Adding to this our spacious reception area, large conference/changing room, and full kitchen, and you’ll find that our facility rivals or exceeds any ballroom in the state… and beyond.

Before and after image of ballroom